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Making songs.

2011-08-23 13:26:14 by Souljaadam

I'm making loads of beats and tunes on FL Studio 10 now! :)
Message if you have any suggestions!

[UPDATE] *JANUARY 2, 2010*

2010-01-02 00:26:53 by Souljaadam

For all you who started beef wit me, about those J.Armz beats, You got lucky as shit, forreal
Some NG What ever tha fuck his name is, started sayin some shit to me, tellin me imma loose my account, and imn my head Im like "Man this guys a spaz, like WTF is his problem" So I am gettin rid of my beats. If you want Links for most of those J,Armz composed beats, hit me up
And plus I have been creating my own shit, so yeah

*UPDATE* [December 31, 2009]

2009-12-31 19:31:41 by Souljaadam

All of the beats I have here, I clearly have ma regards to the author, and the composers -J.ArmZ!-
So Dont get wise like this kid called Omega whatever tha fuck his name is, and dont try to talk shit, Not only do I have those beats, I have made a few of my own, And before you start sayin other shit about the things I made, I HAVE FL STUDIO 2009 DEMO FOR SOME REASON, I ATTEMPTED TO GET THE FULL VERSION BUT COULDNT GET IT,

I hope you all get somethin goin thru your heads now, forreal,

Makin a new post

2009-04-13 17:58:39 by Souljaadam

Yeah Im gonna post beats every weekend

New, New post.

2009-02-21 22:00:41 by Souljaadam

Hey, Im gonna be posting alot of music every week, so yeah. DON'T think that Im a thief trying to steal beats.

My reggards to,

New stuff

2009-01-10 23:13:05 by Souljaadam

Hay guys! Its SouljaAdam here, and i'm gonna be posting some new shit.