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Been a while, forreal Lol

Pretty good
The lyrics were pretty hot.

Keep it up man.

Broken-Needle responds:

lol, good looks man=) more to come soon

Pretty iight, ya feel me?

I have been at work and school, hardly gotany time to chill, still, my PS3 got tha YLOD thingy, so imma give you my PSN anyways, I got 3 PSN's for each faction in MAG,
Raven/NBA2K10/main account: SoujaAdam8
Valor account: G-otcha-B-itch
S.V.E.R. account: SVER_Adam_Mane

Add my raven account, cus I use that account for all my other games.
Eazy, imma get my ps3 fixed soon.

Hey, whaddup

iTS BEEN A HELLA LONG WHILE MANE! All what Ive been doing is playing MAG for ps3, playing basketball and going to school. Howve you been doing though dowg?

Broken-Needle responds:

word I wanna get that MAG lol 256 players on 1 map, i been busy lately but new shit coming soon bro (p.s add me broken-needle) on psn

Haha IIght!

Finaly came out wit new shit eh? I think you should slow a lil bit down. But It was still Ill. The begining was in rhythm, but after that, the bars kinda slipped, but caught track again. Keep droppin bars thoug

Broken-Needle responds:

no doubt man, always happy to see a review from u=)

Proper choice of beat

Nice rhymes. Is this the beat that I had before on NG before that shit got taken down?

Broken-Needle responds:

yes sir=D


Iyts a pretty cool tune to use for a flash game menu,.

watzmann responds:

Thanks thats what it should be used for.

ILL Mane

Yo that dude who produces your shit is pretty talented.
Your rhymes wit Lupe Fiascos Makes this shit bomb.
Im inspired to wright up my own rhyms.

Broken-Needle responds:

=D thats wut my music is for, and word he makes the original beat the vocals were from sound like a bitch=D love this beat, thanks 4 the review=)

LOOOL, daamn

Tha end was crazy jokes, Whos this guy tht your roastin?

Broken-Needle responds:

lol, the dude that left a review right under urs=D

Wow, dogg

I was gone fore a bit cus my shitty ass pc needed repairs, and I aint hear nothin of yours for a while, and you improved, the flow is gettin more smooth,

Broken-Needle responds:

=) yup same here lmao ma pc blew up so i got a new brawlic 1=D more improvement soon to come(once i figure out how 2 get the quality of the vocals up) thanks 4 the review n support=)

Siiick remix man!

Nice homie/

Broken-Needle responds:

thanks=D glad u like it

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